Sun resistant primer?

Discussion in 'Fiberglass and Composite Boat Building' started by massandspace, Jan 12, 2022.

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    I am in the unique position of having to paint (prime) an epoxy boat I just built, but that will NOT be able to be final sanded and painted for quite some time.....say 1-2 years.

    My plan is to use several thick coats of Interlux Epoxy Primecoat. Later I would then sand into that to achieve the final paintable surface. But that coating is an “epoxy” and I know that epoxies may suffer degradation under UV light sitting for so long.

    Is that a good option? Others? And no, I really do NOT want to completely sand off later whatever I apply! I would like to just surface sand the coating later and final paint.
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    What size / type of boat is it?
    Would it be possible / feasible to simply cover it with a tarpaulin after you paint it, in order to stop the UV rays from troubling it?
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    All primers lack uv protection. It is one of the distinctions between primers and paints.

    Prime and paint with the intended final paint system. In a year or three sand smooth and repaint. You shouldn't have to reprime.

  4. gonzo
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    Paint the primer with latex. Since you are planning on sanding it, the extra work won't be too much.
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