Suggestions for submitting boat design plans to industry/partners

Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by Marcum Marine, Jul 19, 2001.

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    I am going to be a Landing School student in September and would like some advice on pursuing some radical sailboat/powerboat/catamaran designs and submitting them to industry. I would like to submit some plans, drawings with prototype models for review to Boat design/ Builders/ Naval Architects who would be interested in possibly working together on one or more of the ideas. I work at eBay and have a passion for boat design and have made some truly unique boat designs. I would require the signing of a non-disclosure agreement prior to disclosing any plans etc.. Thank You in advance for any suggestions you may provide. John
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    New designs

    Hey there John.
    Any builder or designer will need to know a few things about your designs before commiting time to further investigation;
    1] What current, persistant problem does the design resolve?
    2] What are the performance limitations of the design?
    3] Will the design meet regulatory stability standards?
    4] What does it cost to build your design? At the minimum, present a careful cost comparison to existing craft in operation.

    The more justifiable detail you present. the better your chances of finding someone who will be interested in looking at your designs in more detail.

    Any other questions, give a shout.
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