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Discussion in 'Inboards' started by mudman, Mar 18, 2007.

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    I am planning to build a mudboat with a Subaru E71 Automobile engine. The engine runs, but not very well. I'm sure that the problem is the vaccum lines on the engine. I can't find a diagram that shows how these vaccum lines attach to the carb, distributer, and other parts of the engine. The carb itself has at least 10 different connections for vaccum lines. Can anyone help?
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    Disconect them all.

    You do not need vacuum advance for the distributor. Totally disconect TCV,EGR and anything else.

    Plug all lines from the carb.
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    Subaru Connections

    That's a nice engine.. when I mentioned that they had been marinized to my wife, she said "Keep your hands off my Impreza"!

    I would probably buy an aftermarket manual, or find a running car and bring a digital camera, or in last result go to:
    Where for "only" $35 you can search thru and download sections of the factory manuals...

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    Not much help to him really its not in a car anymore. catalitic convertors and EGR's arent much use in a boat.

    TCV --again -no need.

    vacuum advance?-- boats dont have it?
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