Structural Design of 18' Skiff

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by Crashcart2, Feb 23, 2024.

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    I'm currently working on the design of an 18' skiff with a design waterline of 8", full load displacement of ~ 1800 lbs. This boat is meant to be powered by a 115hp outboard on a standard 20" transom height. Max speed around 40 knots most likely. A lightship weight in the ballpark of 750lbs (hull only) is expected.

    Looking for advice on how to design the boat's stringers/bulkheads and transom structures without overbuilding. This boat would be built as a one-off using composite core materials and glass. The transom would most likely be of a coosa board core.

    I've read Gerr's book, any other recommendations?

    Does anyone know how to factor in the additional loads of a jack plate on a transom as well? Thanks !
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    If you follow Gerr, you'll overbuild.

    I recommend you buy a plan and if nothing else use it for guidance. A lot of people want to design and build their own boat, but building is enough trouble and has a low enough success rate.

    Here is one you could modify to 18' and core changes. Just make sure to not use light 4# foam. That is a totally different animal.
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    I appreciate the advice!

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    It could help you in your project with the calculations you request and with other aspects such as stability, etc. If you wish, send me information about what you have already done and what you want to achieve.
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