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Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by boatman111, Jan 22, 2014.

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    The hull of my fiberglass boat has been damaged. I'm looking for someone to do a structural analysis (or FEA analysis) of my particular boat, and the stresses on it. I would like a visual of the stress concentrations as well. I had a faro scan done on the boat, and can provide the 3D model given by the scan.
    Please message me if interested,
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    Can you give some more details of the damage? What is the scope of the analysis?
  3. gonzo
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    That may cost you more than the boat is worth. What was the scan done for? Can you post photos?
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    Welcome to the forum boatman111

    Why do you want a structural analysis of some damage? Is this for an insurance claim or just to understand why something failed? Any experienced naval architect could probably just look at the damage and provide you with an answer. The FEA would just confirm their diagnosis, nothing more. It also as Gonzo notes, not cheap and may cost more than your boat anyway.

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    I agree with John (great job in the latest PB mag BTW). An experienced surveyor may be all you need, at least in terms of understanding the damage, though you'd be well advised to go with an NA, in terms of repair route(s) and other options.
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