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Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by cdubb, Sep 10, 2015.

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    Hi all,

    Finally found a design that I really like but there's one problem with it, it's just too small. The boat is called the "Swaggie" I like every single thing about the boat expect its size. It's a 18 footer, I feel as though something to the tune of 24 foot would be a better fit for me. I think the extra 6 foot would greatly increase the capacity for day time riders and over nighters in the cabin or possibly I could shoehorn a proper head in there somewhere as opposed to only a portable toilet. Boating/sailing for me is often a social thing with friends and family and the way she's laid out now it's a couples boat. I have no misconceptions of hauling 10 of my pals around the Great Lakes in this vessel, increased in size or not but having berths for four maybe five would be the selling point for me. So my question is how feasible is this "stretch"? Is this something a contact the designer to make adjustments for or is this something that I myself will have to figure on the fly off the 18' plans? I haven't bought the plans yet due to this question. I really would like to make this work, I really like everything about this design, down to the junk rig. So now I leave it to the older and wiser here to guide me on this.

    Thanks and regards,
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    It is not unusual to stretch or shrink a boat by a small amount. Not more than plus or minus ten percent to be reasonably safe. To stretch the 18 footer to a 24 footer is out of the question.

    If you are truly attracted to that design, then by all means contact John Welsford, the designer. What you are talking about here is an entirely new set of dimensions that will vary significantly from the current 18 foot design. The boat can still have the same appearance if that is what you are after.
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    Thanks for the quick reply! So by the 10% rule we would be right at 20 foot, be a cheaper build and I would have more room in my shop to work with one be some pros to that. I think I will contact John and get his thoughts on this. I truly am sold on this boat just need to scale it up 33%+\-
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    He has a 21 ft design called "Sundowner" which he once said was a scale up of the design you mentioned.
  5. Jammer Six

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    It seems like the whole point of that boat is small size.

    I'd find a different design.

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