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    Hello Guys Again

    Happy New Year To All.
    I Am Still Working On My Old Bertram 58 With A Twin 675hp12vti Detroit Diesel Engines . I Currently Have 2 Large And Bulky Engine Raw Water Strainers With Basket Conected To The Engines. Some People Are Suggesting Me To Get Rid Of Those Huge Strainers And Replace Them With Rectangular Scoop Strainers With Slide Out Screens. Those Are Installed Under The Hull . They Are Apparently Better.
    I Am Not Sure Wether Those Strainers Will Do The Job Properly Altough Apparently All Newer Boats Are Not Using The Regular Brass Strainers With A Basket.
    On The Other Hand I Will Have To Constantly Go Under The Hull To Clean Them I Beleive.
    What Is You Opinion And Suggestions.

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    External strainers are junk and should be banned from the market. In other words I can't stand them. Other than on very fast race boats (say 100mph or so) where they are needed to force water into the system, they do very little but clog.

    Just take a look at the size of the strainer basket you currently have, then look at the size of the strainer basket you are considering. Keep in mind that the larger the filter surface area is the lower the back pressure from the strainer will be, and let me know what you think.
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    When cleaning your big strainers, did you ever find anything in them that made you glad the strainers prevented it from entering the cooling circuit?
    If the answer is yes, you apparently need them.

    I use simple brass scoops with a few slits to keep larger objects out, but my turf is a very clean part of the Adriatic sea. Once a year, after the winter I check their condition and use wire brush to remove whatever marine growth has settled there, which never was worth mentioning. There always is abundant growth on the props and rudders, but never on the water scoops, probably because they are small and surrounded by anti fouling.
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