Straight dope on finishes and drag?

Discussion in 'Materials' started by Tim Hall, May 23, 2011.

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    Tim Hall Junior Member

    I've been looking around for info on how hull finishes (paint, gel coat, exotics, etc.) effect drag. There seems to be a lot of debate, and no straight answers...and a lot of folks who swear by whatever it is they use.

    Some say as slick and glossy as possible is best. Others say a little tooth or satin finish actually enhances laminar flow. Some talk about whether the material is hygroscopic or hydrophobic...

    So my first question is: Would any of this make a noticeable difference in a light paddle craft (canoe/kayak)?

    If so, anybody have any thoughts on what really happens between the water and a hull finish?
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    All the studies show that anything past 320 grit is only good for looks. The reason race boats are shiny is that sponsors would not pay for a flat gray boat.
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