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Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by jobberone, May 25, 2014.

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    We were pointed in the direction of a S&S Stevens 40 and I'm having problems finding much on this boat. Nothing here or other sites I can find and even on the S&S main site. They do have the plans on the blog site. I can't blow them up or copy them to even see it though.

    This boat has the A plan and I really like it for my wife and I to live on some and be able to handle it with either of us or both. Nice aft stateroom for a boat this size. She has lovely lines for a small boat (IMO) and I've read she is comfortable and sails well. We plan to sail coastal waters in the SE and also the Caribbean. I believe the draft on this boat is 6 ft with no centerboard on this particular boat.

    Does anyone know more about these boats? I'm pretty sure the bigger boat designed initially was the 47 and then the Hylas 47 which is now a 49.

    Anything in particular to look out for when surveying it? Any suggestions or comments?
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    According to the resale is $75k
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    The bottom line is an accredited survey. This will determine the value and condition of the vessel, to which you have leverage over the owner. Do not accept an owner's survey, have one done by your representative (surveyor). Many surveyors will do both owner and buyer surveys. I don't, you just get the straight up truth with me, but some will "spin" the condition toward the person paying for the service, which I think is less than honorable, which is why I get paid up front, because you might not like what I have to say.


    There's a few versions of the S&S 40 (S&S 1767), the first was a CCA classic which was modeled after and earlier racer (S&S 1738). Yours is S&S 2413 (my assumption) intended as a 1 ton under IOR (1982)

    Value on this is good, considering it's a few decades old. They can range from a just trying to escape the landfill condition (a few grand once the hardware is stripped) to high 5 figures, depending on condition, equipment, inventory and maintenance.
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