Steel Trawler HELP!

Discussion in 'Powerboats' started by Wavewacker, Dec 29, 2011.

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    Hey guys, I'm new at bigger boats and found a boat in my initial price range-CHEAP!

    It's a 40' 1956 converted steel trawler, @ 14,000 lbs. It has a Ford Leham, F380D, FWC, Velva drive 2 10:1, model 10-17-010 with a claimed 1030 on the engine. The prop is a 24X18 with a 1 1/2" shaft. It carries 200 gal of fuel and 50 fresh water, but no holding tanks, guess it has a bucket in the head.

    I don't know the grade of steel or it's thicknessbut in the pics it looks solid and rather fair for it's age....kinda like me. I plan on doing some interior work, it's okay, just needs some finishing touches. I will also need:

    An interior helm, there is a place for it, but it is atop on an open bridge and is hydraulic. Wonder how hard it is to tap into those lines and have inside steering and throtle/tranny controls?

    A gen set, it has two 30 amp pannels for shore power. It has washer/dryer a princess three burner electric stove, microwave, coffee pot, and would sometimes need to run mom's curling iron I guess. Kinda hoping a 5KW would do from a box store. The fridge/freezer runs off 110V/12V dc.

    I like the layout, it fits my needs for two with occassional guests. I'm thinking liveaborad here and doing the Great Loop. Maybe the Bahamas some day and gulf cruising. It's a displacement hull, manufacture unknown, claimed a 4" draft with 11.5 beam.

    I'm looking for great fuel efficiency (isn't everyone?), as well as reliablity of the mechanicals. It's probably not insulated, so that may be an issue but plan on going with weather, but it would be year round.

    It has a stout davit and the aft deck is about 10X10+, so this boat is big enough for my ridculous requirement of my bike...

    Hoping to hear about the engine/tranny and what to look for as to the steel if there is an issue. What to look for in such an oldie....:confused:
  2. Wavewacker
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    Wavewacker Senior Member


    Com'on guys, I tried searching this stuff here and got three threads, none addressing the engine or tranny. Are they too old?
  3. rasorinc
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    Is it floating or on land? You talking about a 58 year old hull and I feel you must have a survey on the hull at the very least. Without a thorough hull survey by someone who knows steel boats you may be buying a sinker log. Paint hides many flaws but you need to find the flaws now. That would be the first thing I would do and also get a quote on a new paint job on the hull after complete sand blasting.
  4. edjunior
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    I know nothing about boats like this, but give the guys that do a chance. Your second post was only 2 hours later than your initial. Most people haven't even had their coffee in that amout of time. Someone will come along with your patient.
  5. Tad
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    What ed said......slow down...take a deep breath.....

    There will be rust in the structure, that's why you need a find some of the rust (he or she will probably not find it all). The worst rust will be inside the boat, especially in places like the lazerette.....If there's insulation or lining inside it's hard to find the rusty places.......Who built the boat is many other boats from this builder are still around?

    This engine in this boat will be very noisy with lots of vibration, unless someone has taken special (expensive) measures. If noise and vibration don't bother you, you're fine....boat's are cheap for a can get parts for both the engine and the gear.....

    Good luck......

  6. Wavewacker
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    Thanks guys, yes, maybe I was jumping the gun....sorry, the boat has a decent interior, better than a work boat finish, yes, it's painted and looks clean. It was surved in 07, I have not seen it but they say it came in at 50K, if it was a rust bucket it probably should not have come in that high would be my guess.....but if surveys are much like appraisals on real estate (which do not point out faults other than those effecting market value) it may not mean much. New full size fridge, stove, engine is to run well (after speaking to broker). It was taken out 2 years ago and got new bottom paint.

    It's already out to the world so I don't mind mentioning it, it's on yacht world, just search "Steel Trawler Flush Deck" and it will be there. I plan on doing some work to it but nothing major off the bat. I thought it might work.

    Broker mentioned too that it may be donated and re-listed for sale.....Boat Angel I guess, don't know.

    Thanks again, any other suggestions, thoughts or suggestions, I'm all eyes and ears!
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