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Discussion in 'Metal Boat Building' started by janesci, Dec 30, 2012.

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    Hi, I was wondering if you have boat building M/H in your thoughts through your building or design experiences.

    I am after 18meter x 3meter round bildge hull steel boat (can also be alloy#5083) and am figuring out approximate building M/H for this size and hull type.

    Any comments or thoughts?

    Say.. with 8 good welders.

    Thank you and happy new year to all.
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    what are you asking for? more details on request/
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    I would have fun helping you with the details
    if you were building a 57.5' boat a narrow one would be 17'8" beam/width
    material would be 5052 or 5086 from my experience.

    Cory Boat builder

  4. Tanton
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    Metal boat. Time of construction.

    First, you did not mention wether the vessel is a powerboat or sailboat.
    Second, seems to be very narrow for either purpose.
    Third, round bilge might not be the answer.
    In any case, the time factor. Much related to displacement and a lot more information. But you can try this speculation.
    Single chine, Time factor 1. (Will not go for 2, 3 chines for this demonstration).
    Folding method around a small, single chine: 1 1/2 t.f
    Radius bilge 2 1/4 t.f, true round bilge 3 t.f.
    Very often, the deck and superstructures take more time than the hull.

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