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    It's been awhile since I checked in here, so I thought I'd remind everyone to have a look at my yahoo group site called "origamiboats", featuring 26 to 40 foot sailboat hulls built in steel using a novel method without the need for frames in the traditional sense.

    The boatbuilding technique, which yields a longitudinally stiffened steel hull in quite a short time (a few weeks for the bare hull in some instances), has been around for many years, but most popular on the BC coast (Canada). Some have been built in Europe, and examples of the type have cruised far and wide.

    This spring I am going to start construction on a 40 footer, which is one of Brent Swain's new designs, representing a world-class cruiser with ample room for familes. His most popular design to date has been the 36 footer.

    I've added many new photos of Swain hulls in build and completed, and hope soon to have an origamiboats website up and running. Stay tuned!

    Alex Christie
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    Good to hear from you again Alex - I'll have to make time to stop by your origamiboats group soon and catch up on all the messages since my last visit and see what you've been up to this fall.

    In case anyone missed your first post, here is a link as well where you introduced orgami boats to this forum:

    I wonder if you or Brent would be interested in putting together a summary article for us to feature up front (linked to your orgamiboats group for more information in exchange).
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    ... And Alex has (at last!) changed the Yahoo restrictions so that we can look at all the great pics without the pain!
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    article on Origamiboats


    I think its a great idea for an article on the origami steel boatbuilding system. I'll try and put something together soon. Unfortunately Brent is at sea currently (well, not unfortunate for him, the lucky duck!), so I'll have to cobble together something as soon as I can without him. It'll be faily general until I can get together with Brent on it, but the main ideas will be there. Who do I send the article to?


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    Excellent - thanks Alex. I think it will be a nice article for us to feature up front on the homepage, articles page, etc.

    Thanks again!
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