Starcraft aluminum rebuild?

Discussion in 'Metal Boat Building' started by Rowdy, Jun 16, 2004.

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    Rowdy New Member

    i am currently in the middle of redoing a 76 (I believe) 14' aluminum starcraft i got her pretty much stripped down and i need to replace the transom board. the board that is there is some type of layered laminate plywood about 2x10. i want to replace it with a piece of mahogany that i have. my question is how do i get it out the angle aluminum that is on the bottom is securely rivited i have the top basically uncovered however the ends of the gunwales cover the ends of the board. i can cut it and get it out no problem however how am i going to get it back in?

  2. miles

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    1968 15 foot jet star starcraft

    i had the same problem with my 15 foot starcraft boat. the back wood was compleetly rotted out. first i removet the top aluminum transom covers like you did and then there were some drain holes with aluminum lineres you will need to un bend the peaned over ends and remove them if your boat even has them. next i removed every screw that held the wood in place. but the wood was really in tight because it was in for so long i carefully used a small prybar and carefully losened the wood all around the edges and after it was all lose i pulled out the wood throuhg the top. there is no need to remove the angled aluminum underneath. it dose thae a bit of effort and time
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    Starcraft V-hull

    I recently came into possession of an old Starcraft aluminum v-hull. I have no idea on the age, but the trailer it is with was purchased new in '51 so I'm guessing around there. It looks like the boat was originally more of a "leisure" boat, but the old seats have been taken out and replaced with the higher fishing seats. It has an old Johnson Super Sea-Horse 40 on it.

    Its in fairly good shape, but will need some work. I am a new boat ownder, so I'm starting from scratch. All the vocabulary I see on these sites is foreign to me, is there any website or book I can look at that will at least label all the different parts of a boat and describe their function? Basically I'm looking for Boats for Dummies (which doesn't exist, I

    Any information would help, I can't wait to start fixing it up for the spring fishing season.

    Thank you,


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    There are some sites on the net that have a "glossary of marine terms" that would give you a basic vocabulary. I would just say read everything you can get your hands on and whatever you dont understand, ask someone who does:)

    Good Luck, Joey
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