Stainless Straps in the Water

Discussion in 'Materials' started by starcmr, Apr 10, 2022.

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    So after upgrading to the AW S2 I learned that the stainless straps (Milanese and Link Bracelet) are not water-resistant, according to Apple. This surprised me. I have a Link and my wife has a Milanese website. While swimming is not a frequent activity for us, it would have been nice to just jump in with our favorite straps on without worrying about it.

    I'm curious whether anyone has been swimming with genuine stainless straps in the past and how it's gone. I know some folks swam regularly with their Series 0 despite the recommendation not to. Just wondering whether any of those folks wore the Milanese or Link while doing it.

    Apple could be playing it safe here or there could be a significant threat to the steel bands. Just trying to understand this better and to see how careful we need to be.
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    I doubt it is the fact that the material is stainless, just look at all the dive watches. It is more likely the construction; buttons without pressure caps, case to face seal, and the strap to case joint ( it appears that there is a port in the case that is sealed by the band ).
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    I’ve learned the hard way that it’s a good idea to remove jewelry before taking the plunge.
    Not only is it often detrimental to the object, it can be a source of entanglement and an attraction to toothy critters, or sometimes just go missing.
    Jehardiman, I’m glad you clarified what kind of straps the OP was referring to, i immediately envisioned jocks and thongs!
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