Stability calculation sample from actually ship -tug boat...etc

Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by fadly2000, Jul 2, 2001.

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    Will sending via post. USD 250 only. Also tonnage calculation.....
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    General Note regarding moved threads.

    Hope you don't mind, but since you posted so many offers at once I decided to move them from the Design Forum to a newly created Services Forum.

    I felt that otherwise other designers who we want to encourage to frequent the forums would be offended by the bulk of offers from one designer, and we don't want the Design forum to become too heavy on advertisements.

    If services or plans can be offered as a solution to a question posted in the Design Forum, go ahead and post there. Otherwise, I think the Services Forum would be a better place for people to be able to find services offered.
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    Here! Here! Great idea! A proper & civil method of offering an alternative to the "no advertising here" boaty forums.

    Michael Mason, CET
    Mason Marine Designs Inc.

  4. for help

    my name is bibin m soman.iam a final year naval architecture final year project is ASD fi fi -1 tug.with dimension
    loa=31 m
    cb=.53 cp=.61,cm=.87
    iam doing its trim and stability is midship.
    i am requisting your help for the completion of the project.
    my email id
    thanking you
    bibin m soman
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