SS316 Bolt heads missing in Tinned Ground plate

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Reason for this

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  1. Galvanic corrossion

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  2. Som other reason

  1. alby joy
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    Recently when I drydocked my FRP Vessel with Tinned ground plate attached to its hull - Catamaran. The plate attachment bolts used was SS316. Now I cant see any Bolt heads for the Bolts (SS316). Is it have an issue related to the galvanic corrossion.

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  2. sdowney717
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    Regardless, can you replace with bronze bolts, washers and nuts? Obviously the SS is having issues. All my underwater bronze bolts underwater for 50 years have been excellently preserved.
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  3. jehardiman
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    jehardiman Senior Member

    If the heads are gone, but the body is intact, it is crevice corrosion which 316 is susceptible to. As sdowney717 says, switch to bronze or monel.
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