Spraying Poly Flake

Discussion in 'Materials' started by bigfish3x, Feb 15, 2016.

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    I'm going to respray the metal flake gel coat on my bass boat. I read some where that I don't need to add hardener That I'm supposed to just let is dry naturally before I shoot with clear. Is this the correct.
    I was under the impression that you don't add the wax additive until you apply the final coat of clear. Is this correct.

    But the thread I read on this website gives me the proceedure that the skeeter bass boat company does. He says that they told him to first fill your mixing container 3/4 of the way up with a mixture ratio of 1/2 of that with clear gel coat the other 1/2 with a high gloss additive then you fill the last 1/4 portion with the Poly Flake and then add the catylist and then to let it dry before spraying the clear.
    Does this sound like more of the right thing to do? As apposed to not using an catalyst. Also as for the hardener do I use MEKP.

    Thanx in advance!
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    You always add catalyst.

    How you do the flake depends on the look you want to achieve.
    First is the solid color for the background, then the you can mix the flake with clear to the ratio you want. The amount, size and color(s) can be adjusted to your liking. Or you can blow the flake into wet gel coat. The final coat(s) of clear needs to be thick enough for you sand and remove the orange peel.

    Don't add wax to clear, it can cloud it, use PVA or the clear additive.

    Getting flake to look right can be tough.

    Practic before you do any of these steps on the boat, make sure it looks like you want it to first.

    This was a very short description of what to do.

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    Applying flake to anything is all about technique. Agreed, practice a good bit first, so it doesn't zebra stripe or come out blotchy, both of which are really easy to do if you're not careful in application.
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