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Sportcraft molds

Discussion in 'Boat Molds' started by tja, Sep 2, 2004.

  1. tja
    Joined: Sep 2004
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    Location: canton oh

    tja Senior Member

    I'm interested in locating molds of the former Sportcraft boats based out of FL. The particular model that I'm interested in is there 30' Sport fisherman 10' beam. I currently build boats to 20' and my son and I just picked up a 1986 27' Sportcraft for use on lake Erie. Sportcrafts have been very popular on lake Erie. Any additional info would be appriciated.
  2. Timm
    Joined: Aug 2002
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    Location: Crystal River, FL USA

    Timm Senior Member

    Sport Craft boats is for sale (last I heard, asking price was $2.5 million including 38 acres of land, a couple hundred thousand square feet of factory and all molds and equipment). My understanding is that they will not break up the molds and sell them without the company. The 30' molds were in tough shape 5 years ago when I worked there, I don't know if they have done any work on them in the years since. If you need any help designing a similar boat, send me an email.
  3. trevoro
    Joined: Apr 2005
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    trevoro New Member

    Anyone have information on the history of Sportcraft Boats?

  4. Gotalwet
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    Location: New Jersey

    Gotalwet New Member

    sportcraft lil sport

    looking for a fabricator to produce the sportcraft lil sport 1983 boat windshield. i have the broken one. this boat is totally restored with a 15 hp Honda. any info on the molds for that windshield or a proper fabricator to mold the windshield would be much appreciated. in NJ:confused:
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