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    good evening to you all,

    now if you are reading this I welcome you, I hope you find this of interest and am always open to your opinions views, likes and dislikes when it comes to design and building boats.

    I am going to start small, with a 21ft mould that i have procured originally designed back in roughly... 1976 commission by a company and it was called the Spectrum 650, now she has seen better days, but my, does she come with some history.

    I will be fully restoring the tool, putting the boat back into production as well as having bigger things already in the pipework.. but that is for another time.

    so please join me on this journey. now this isn't completely live as it were as I will be catching up to where I am now. initially this is me going on road trip for a few hours to view this tool which to my knowledge hadn't been moved for over 10 years.
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    Welcome to the Forum Skipper.

    Re your Spectrum moulds, are they for a slightly bigger sister to these Spectrum boats?
    Spectrum Fishing Boats For Sale (Motor Boats ) | Boats and Outboards https://www.boatsandoutboards.co.uk/Motorboats/Fishing-Boats-for-sale/Spectrum

    Re the above Spectrum boats, the Builder is still going strong - if your mould is a bigger version of what they are producing, are you affiliated with them, or independent?
    www.spectrum-boats.co.uk , Spectrum 480 , spectrum , spectrum boats , spectrum pilothouse , quicksilver 500 , quicksilver 500 pilothouse , sencond hand boats , predator 165 , warrior 165 , https://www.spectrum-boats.co.uk/
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    thank you kindly,

    the original Spectrum boats had collapsed some years ago, the spectrum boats you refer to is a new company using the same name the boat nor I are affiliated with this brand or business :)
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