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    Im in need of some advice, im doing some work on a Nauticat the stereo has been remove to repair some woodwork, it turns out the speakers are wired through a fader potentiometer to enable the saloon speakers and aft cabin speakers to work independently, the speaker cables have been disconnected from a connector block behind the stereo, the two saloon speaker wires are routed to this point then a 4 core cable is routed to the aft cabin and soldered to the fader pot the wires from the aft cabin are soldered to this fader aswell.
    The fader has 6 terminals.

    Can anybody draw me a wiring diagram so I can connect the speakers to the stereo to enable the fader to operate the speakers from saloon to aft cabin.
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    Can you give some information on the fader? An electronic circuit will not tell you which terminal is which, unless you know the fader make and model.
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    The Fader pot sounds like it is a double stack and controls both channels with one knob the center terminal is the sweeper and the two right & left terminals are the ends of the resistor.

    take your choice. You can make it get lowder going clockwize or softer going anticlockwise or swich them around to work in the southern states by connecting the north and south wires counterclockwize.

    Personally I would rip it out . Boats dont need Trash Music to mess up the sounds of the Sea. You could always just bring a Boom Box when you need a Disco Fix.

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