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Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by guzzis3, May 20, 2021.

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    I'm sorry if I overlooked your post. This thread has got a lot more replies than I can keep up with. Remember I'm half blind now and reading is a challenge. I'll try and find your post and reply.

    Are you referring to your post suggesting leaving out the batteries ?

    The batteries aren't a problem. You can get lithium batteries cheap enough from china on alibaba etc. The issue for me is how many panels would you need to run the boat at hull speed. The 3kW is the limit here in Queensland before you have to register, and 3.5kW before you need a licence. Bizarrely you could have a 15m long boat with 3kW motor and never pay registration, and operate it unlicensed.

    Given the panels are so cheap maybe removing the frame and cover glass would save the energy required.

    Regarding the Horstman. There are very few here. I was thinking more of just taking the idea and building something suited for this purpose. I don't see them come up for sale in the USA very often but I must be looking in the wrong places. Tris can have beams to lengths up to 1:1 so a boat close to 30' wide and 32' long would have to have room for a LOT of panels.
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    I think a 3KW inboard with the right controller and prop might get you the speed you are after. It really comes down to the RPM and prop and the motor co troller being able to handle the loading of the prop. With something like Thunderstruck’s inboard setup, you can use traditional props and not be as concerned about pushing the electronics beyond their limits.

    I see Horstmans for sale on the West Coast all the time. Here is an example of the kind of deals you can find on them. A lot of boat for the money!

    Sailboat Listings .com is a good resource, although most of them I see are on Craigslist, and typically they haven’t left the slip in many years and have become live aboard.

    1983 Ed Horstman TriStar 31

    1983 Ed Horstman TriStar 31 - boats - by owner - marine sale

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    Thank you for the link. I don't search craigslist as you seem to have to search each area separately. Unfortunately the economics of shipping a boat to Australia are prohibitive, but I like to look for fun :D
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