software: Autoship vs Rhino vs Maxsurf?

Discussion in 'Software' started by s.Angel, Nov 14, 2010.

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    s.Angel Junior Member

    I Have A Question.whats The Diffrence Between Autoship And Rhino And Maxsurf? I Want To Design A Boat For Toorbo With Waterjet. If You Know Any Software That Can Help Me Please Say To Me.
    Do You Know Any Thing About Fastship Software.
  2. bbsboat
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    I use maxsurf and rhino, MAXSURF easy to build a hull ,and easy to use hydromax to caculate hydrostabilitys. Rhino is good at build the superstature. and with rhinomarine(a plug of rhino,)you can also do some caculat.
  3. ACuttle
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    ACuttle Marine Design Engineer

    I haven't used Autoship so I cannot comment there, for the other two the main differences are:

    Maxsurf is piece of marine design software engineering specifically for the production of NURBS hull models along with some of the associated calculations. It gives a strong toolset for the fairing and modeling of hulls.

    Rhino is a general 3D modeling package that is very strong at modelling complex forms but isn't designed specifically for marine-applications. It is very good at reworking surfaces, trimming and extending sectios (which Maxsurf is very bad at). Works in conjuction with Workshop to produce frame sections, stringers and plating.

    Proffesionally I use both, Maxsurf for the creation of hull-form and Rhino to modify and edit the form to a build state. There are marine plugins for Rhino but you'd be looking at doubling (roughly) the original price of the software (apx 5000-6000 GBP).

    It depends on your budget and forward planning the way you want to take things. Both are very powerful, if I had to have one I'd take Rhino for the ability to model just about any form but I'd be left having to do alot of stability etc. work by hand.
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  4. Joe Petrich
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    Joe Petrich Designer

    I used to use Autoship but switched to Rhino + Orca3d. Autoship is good but you can do a lot more for less money with Rhino and Orca3d. I have used a demo version of Maxsurf only so I can't really comment on it, although I have heard good things about it. Rhino creates very fair hulls if used correctly. I produce 150-250 ft yacht hulls and superstructures with it and have had no problems. I wish I could show you the hulls but our work is proprietary. All three of these programs produce good results.

  5. fcfc
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    Maxsurf has versions with a relatively low entry price, but as soon as you add Hydromax and Workshop, prices go up very quickly.

    I do not know how someone can design a boat in maxsurf without hydromax.
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