So how do you know what to pick?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by SFC Hall, Nov 16, 2007.

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    I joined here a few years ago with the intention of building my dream boat. Well, it turned out that I was far to busy… I am in the Army, and currently in Iraq. But when I get back, I plan on taking it easier than I have in the past, and I’d like to start thinking about a boat.

    I have a 17’ x 5’ mod V riveted Aluminum Jon with consol steering. The boat is very old and very raggedy, but it did serve its purpose.

    Anyhow, I am in the “what design is best for me” stage here….

    I river fish mostly, but I do go to the lakes on good days. I need something with a flat deck for swivel stools that will run shallow, be steady. Big enough for two maybe in a pinch three guys, but small enough that still go with a 10hp motor for the lakes with hp restrictions. I will put the 60hp I have on it (but may upgrade later) and run the 10 with a jackplate.

    I don’t need to go supper fast like those 30K bass boats, but I would like a boat that will be fun for the wife and I to just play on. I sit in my Jon now, I really would prefer to stand with a center consol (I like to see what’s in the river ahead of me)… But I suppose I could incorporate that in any boat. I don’t go out in bad weather, but I have been out in the Jon when the wind picked up enough to scare me, so something that can stand some chop… but then, with the foam fill I guess it couldn’t sink…

    These are the designs I am considering (in the order I like the “looks” of)…. Please make suggestions and comments. (stretched to 17 or 18’)
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    I know this is at all not in the style of the "looks I like" you linked to above, but nonetheless:

    Really, really, really nice ones. I know, they're not in the style of what you're looking for, but at least click around the site and check out their different solutions. Also, you can buy those seats from them as a kit.

    P.S. I have no affiliation with those guys. Heck, I am not even near a river …

    Edit: Actually this one might fit the bill – available as a kit too:
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    The two Glen-L designs are the Flats Flyer 15 and the Dragonfly. The Dragonfly is a garvey style and will accept a fair amount of power. She'll pound in a chop sooner then the Flats Flyer 15, but she'll also get up on plane faster and run more economically. The Flats Flyer 15 is as the name suggests a potential rocket, rated at 150 HP max. With that engine you'll be pushing 70 and the boat will likely be taking quite a beating (the skipper too) With a 50 you'll go plenty fast enough, save a bunch of fuel and not knock every filling out of your dental work.

    The Bateau designs are similar to the Glen-L designs in many respects. The Phantom 18 has much the same dead rise as the Flats Flyer 15 and the Garvey 15, very similar shapes as the Dragonfly from Glen-L

    The Garveys are going to be lower in top speed, but more economical to use. The two flats style boats will haul the mail, but not do much else effectively.

    If you want to go real fast, get wet and have your butt pounded in a chop, then the flats boats will do. If you can live with a lower top speed (still fast enough to scare you) and have a boat that is more practical at trolling speeds and when you fill the tank, then the garveys will serve you well.

    I also have designs in this general size range. If you'd like to drop me an email, or PM I can send you some images of what's available.

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    Dave Gerr has a nice garvey that would be great for river fishing.

    20-foot tape-seam sheet plywood outboard utility or workboat
    LOA: 20 ft. - 2 in. (6.1 m)
    LWL: 16 ft. - 5 in. (5.0 m)
    Beam: 6 ft. - 3 in. (1.9 m)
    Draft Hull: 0 ft. - 9 in. (23 cm)
    Draft Propeller: 23 in. (58 cm)
    Displacement: 2,400 lb. (1090 kg)
    Power: 40 to 150 hp outboard
    Speed with 40 hp: cruise 14 to 17 knots, 21 knots max
    Speed with 60 hp: cruise 17 to 20 knots, 26 knots max
    Speed with 120 hp: cruise 18 to 22 knots, 35 knots max
    Speed with 150 hp: cruise 22 to 28 knots, 40 knots max
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