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    By the Senior Technical and Business manager for a small shipyard building aluminium motor yachts, commercial boats and work boats to Client orders.

    I have considered and now propose introducing manufacturing section to the yard for production of a small to medium size boat with options.

    I have in mind a boat designed to accommodate with moderate changes more than one role, i.e. a sports boats that with different machinery, GA could be viable for commercial or government/military applications.

    If any NA or designers have a design of interest and has potential I would like to discuss the concept and opportunity.
    The business arrangment for a selected design would include the std design fee for first hull build and royalty per hull for following production builds with option to develop other designs.

    If interested I suggest sending an email address by PM for me contact rather than posting email address to avoid 100thousand male performance discount supplies junk mail.

    I will provide our yard and company details, history of our previous projects and current projects in hand with my details.

    Our production costs are low, our quality excellent. we have established Clients, and overseas agents to manage foreign sales, aftersales service and any warranty work if reqd.

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    what are you calling "small to medium size boat" with options.

    anyways, feel free to see my gallery for my roughed out "modular, expandable, containerable" concept, and use your imagination.

    As I said, it is just a rough concept.
  4. swabbie

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    The boat design I'm interested in devloping in production (aluminium) is 8m to 12m loa suitable for inboard diesel/water jet or OB propulsion with a styling that can be adjusted to suit a client special or particlar requirments by offering options to GA and or to deck house.
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    what is "GA"? "...options to GA and or to deck house...."

    well, my "largest containable, trailerable modular cat" is right in the 12 meter range.

    And the whole object of the design to be infinitely configurable.

    Click my handle for my posts that go along with the pics.

    The sails version shown in the gallery is just one possiblity.

    The main idea is a big flat deck which could be from light duty to super-heavy duty just by ordering stouter stand sized beams and decking.

    Here is my idea for modular big trailable sailing cat.
    "The Cat in the Box would be a 40' cat with 40' x 4' hulls connected by poles decked with either a tramp or some sort of solid removeable decking.

    I'm thinking of a aft wishbone mast cutter rig with a third windsurfer type sail aft. I'd use spare sails to construct a 3 sided tent on deck.

    In either boat I'd consider using the trailer frame as a aft wish bone mast. I'd even have provision for detaching the wheels and tires and mounting them on the flat on the deck as fenders so nothing would need to be left on shore.

    I think it would be possible to carry the tow vehicle itself on the deck of a Cat in the Box, including ramps for on-off loading. The 'killer app' would be to tow the boat to the beach, launch the boat, expand the scissors (poles) to separtate the hulls, use the trailer as the mast, drive the tow vehicle up ramp (or pull up with winch) and sail away. Reverse at next land fall."

    I'd also want it to be Containable with standard 40' x 8' box....while still on the trailer. No "standard boat yard operations" needed to launch or pack for shipping.

    I'd want a generic simple way of connecting the hulls to the beams, so more hulls could be added, or even use 8' wide hulls. I figure once you are into towing one 40' trailer, another trip isn't a big deal.

    I'm aiming at a 'system' that could go from a fast, bare bones cat with only accommodations in the two narrow hulls, to a "Fat Cat" with 8' wide hulls, to a 40' x 30(?)' flat platform onto which a 40' x 30' x 10' tent could be erected for massive temporary living space.

    My target market would be everything from:

    Weekenders wanting a big fast cat they can tow with normal big pickup and use without berthing fees,

    to resort/special event operators who would like a modular shippable system with additional dedicated Head and Shower OR Kitchen and Dining hulls,

    to work/business boats.

    One BIG draw back would be no obvious built in pilot house or helm, as the deck would start off being flat across the beams, so this might not be good for cold weather.
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    Hi S-D,

    Thanks for your info but I'm only interested in developing production powered boats at this time not sail power.

    Reason is purely profit and costs:

    Freight costs for multiple nested hulls is lower,
    Markets we are established in and targeted respond better to power boats.
    The utility or muliti function concept and options works only with powered boats - commercial - leisure - work boat - military


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    I didn't add the motors in the drawings yet, but as I was

    going for a "universal" modular system with emphasis on "work boat" I was planning on trying to include framing and appropriate possible 'cut outs' for any of the common power options: Pod Drive, Conventional inboard, Stern Drive and Outboard.

    I'd expect the most common configuration would be without any sails, with possibly mismatched, second hand motors, and some non-nautical structure such as construction site type temp-office on a trailer, or a military style "structural tent" for maximum indoor living space, strapped to the flat deck.

    Mostly a Floating Flat Bed Truck or Fast Self Propelled Barge and able to ferry vehicles.
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    What are your target speed, range, cargo/passenger capacity, stability and seakeeping requirements? Do you have in mind some particular commercial or military application?
    Unfortunately, due to laws of physiscs it is rather hard to concieve a boat equivalent of a swiss-army knife, so a more focused request would really help potential applicants to understand what kind of design could suit your needs. ;)
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    Might I suggest you consider a landing craft with liveaboard amenities aft, under 12M, trailerable and efficient with a single engine/OB. Why? Because there aren't any and there has been interest shown, besides just me. :D
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    Each time I see an opportunity for a " customized " production small craft , the market for this craft is small.

    If the yachting industry continues to expand portswill be overwhelmed. Mooring field service small craft will be needed.

    The fishing industry has collapsed. Fish farm service small craft will be needed.

    Port water taxis are antiquated. The local ones are wooden. New small craft water taxi's will soon be needed.

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