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Discussion in 'Software' started by Vineet, Jun 2, 2022.

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    Vineet Junior Member

    I know this question has been asked but weeds grow pretty quickly in the forums and I don't want to weed whack.
    What are good software options for designing small sailboats (<45') ?
    A) Free
    B) Midrange cost
    C) Costly
    D) Easy to use/learn
    F) Difficult to use/learn
    G) Most commonly used
    Thank you for your input and be nice to each other please! :)
  2. pafurijaz
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    pafurijaz Senior Member

    DELFTship Free and small cost, easy to learn, and constantly update
    FreeShip Is initially developed by the same author of DELFTShip but now is open source
    PolyCAD good modeller a bit harder but with many features for hull design
    jSDN Yacht Designer a bit old but still good.
    Other applications are more complex and you have to use many applications or plug-in, eg. Rhinoceros with MaxSurf or a plug-in.
    However a simple 2D CAD can be always a good solution, with empirical formulas you can do acceptable design.
    The software is the latest step, because you can design with many approach and use many way to get things done.
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  3. Dolfiman
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    You can try "Gene-Hull Sailboat 3.2" it is a free spreadsheet application under OpenOffice :
    Gene-Hull Sailboat 3.2 version + post-applications Stab and VPP
    With it, you can generate the 2D linesplan , have the corresponding hydrostatics data, study the stability issue with a loading, do speed and heel prediction with a VPP.
    You cannot do 3D renderings neither the scantlings, but you have the offsets to ease the transfer to a 3D modeler.
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  4. DCockey
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    Rhino is widely used for boat design. Rhinoceros 3D It is probably the software most widely used by professional boat designers. Rhino is not free but is much less expensive than other "professional" software.
    Plug-ins are not required to design a boat using Rhino. There are plug-ins which can speed up the process they are not required.

  5. pafurijaz
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    pafurijaz Senior Member

    I don't mean to model, to do that, almost all CAD programs are fine, but a program that allows you to do some calculations, in an automated way.
    With Rhino you are forced to use other programs to do complex evaluations, so at this point you can also use Moi3D, which is much cheaper.
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