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Discussion in 'Jet Drives' started by thesuit, Apr 21, 2010.

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    thesuit Junior Member

    Howdy all im from australia and im in year 10 and for my school project this year im making a 11 foot (3.3m) ply boat.

    so my question is where can i get a small jet pump from?

    the engines i have to choose from are ea81 ( 60hp) ej20 (150hp)
    any help would be awesome cheers guys

    here is my design and what i hope to do.

    about half finished frame all made just need to ply the bottom and top
  2. Truls
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    Truls Commercial Fisherman

    How about a pump off a jetski? You can probably find one at a good price.


  3. Marco1
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    What you are building is called a JetJon. Here is a link to instructions to fit a Kawasaki pump or a Seadoo to a plywood vessel

    One observation though...older/smaller jetski don't have reverse, if you find one that does, it would probably be a better choice.

  4. Risk Taker
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    The suit,
    Have you tried the small company in Perth Western Australia who specialise in small electric marine propulsion, they will probably be able to help you. Their web address
    I have one of their units - Vorta DX3 - attached to my Venturer sit-on-top. I have attached it to the underside of the rudder. I use it for river cruising and it works suprisingly well. Once the mounting bracket is fixed in place you can choose whether or not to go out with/without the unit attached. It just clips in!! so doesn't wreck the boat.
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