Small, independant living units, on water ? - Possible ?

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by rwatson, Mar 29, 2014.

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    It wouldn't be necessary to explain if everyone was free and you weren't the only one doing it. Then people would see that the Eco-nazis made up all this boloney about pollution from poop when the tide just takes it all away from us. As if a little poop in a big ocean would even be noticed at all...... The fish and animals poop there all the time with no harm so why can't free citizens?

    If people are poor or homeless they should just move to where the jobs are. It is too easy to be a lazy bum and collect free food stamps, welfare money, free Obamacare, unemployment checks and all that stuff. They even give away free Obamaphones!!! If people didn't have any of that stuff and went to sleep on the street with an empty belly they would go get a job to keep from starving. There would no need for illegals to come here anymore and we would have real Americans working in the fields and those places like in the good old days. The farms and factories would get a big boost from the cheap labor and the wealth would rain down on everyone, investor and owner alike. It would be a win-win for everyone except the illegals who would take their crime and anchor babies and foreign languages back home to Mexico or wherever in South America they came from.

    Why does not liking the lazy mooching poor make me want to have the government tell me what to do? It is one thing if everyone in a trailer park poops and pees outside their door, unless you get a lot of rain it will build up and smell. Thats just common sense. But if everyone in a marina does it the tide and waves wash it away and there is no problem for them. I can't poop in my yard anymore because it is so dry here that it never washes away, but it is OK to pee. It saves a lot of money if the whole family does it too, lower water and sewer bills every month. I realized that's what my dogs do so we tried it for a while, but my wife didn't like it so we can't poop outside in a natural organic way like the animals. In the summer it dries in a day or two and I had the gardener scoop it up like the dog poo and put it in the trash. I still don't see why it's OK for our 4 dogs, but not for us.....
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    A guest commontater on this week's Deep Sarcasm? I wonder what Chevy and Jane will say?

    At any rate the issue of sewage, like that of federal lawlessness, is far from trivial. It is simply being a good neighbor to not leave a steaming pile for the next guy to have to deal with no matter if you're walking your dog, camping, or drifting from anchorage to anchorage on the bayou. Got to start with the man in the mirror.

    Can local regulations be taken too far? Sure. It's why I hate HOAs and have suggested people form an inherently powerless HOA whose charter can't be amended just to head that off at the pass should a bunch of busy bodies ever move into the neighborhood. But, and this is important to note, HOAs are not usually concerned with sewage for the simple reason that state and local governments beat them to it ... HOAs seem to be more about lawns, window treatments, signs, and so forth.
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    No, it's no problem *for them*.

    Pity about the people down wind & tide from the marina, though.

    Not only that, you're remarkably ignorant, even for an internet forum, about tides and tidal flows. A hell of a lot of places do not have tidal flushing, stuff just goes back & forth, concentrating as it's added to. Other places have gyres where stuff gets trapped.

    The bay out the front of my place has an algal bloom every spring. There are fish farms just upriver of me. Somehow I doubt this is coincidence.

    I got my first university degree in coastal and estuarine geomorphology and while that was a long time ago, I know one hell of a lot more about sediment and effluent behaviour in marine systems than you do.

    Cruising boats taking the occasional dump into the ocean, no problem, I agree. The moment you have an aggregation of people taking regular dumps, *then* you have a problem (or your downwind/current neighbours do).

    I find it entertaining how hypocritical people like you always turn out to be. It's OK for you to crap somewhere and let the results travel on, but if a pile of those undesirables you ***** about started using your front lawn to take a dump on their way past, your attitude would undergo a 180 deg shift in a nanosecond.

    But hey, what's the difference? Crapping on your lawn isn't a problem - for THEM.

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    As responsible citizens I think all boaters and liveaboards need to conform to the same standards that homeowners need to comply with.

    But I am not so sure that boaters are not saddled with even higher standards than the local municipal sewage plants? I used to live on the Chesapeake Bay (on land and on water), and I recall he numerous times that different cities around the bay area would have their (accidental spills) at various times of the year. Most of these were of an 'over-capacity for the plant' variety,....and often the reported gallons 'accidently' released exceeded on any one occasion ALL of the gallons put into the bay by boaters. Of course the 'city fathers' would just say they needed more tax money to expand the plant size/capacity.

    But even with these considerations, the boaters and liveaboards should make all possible efforts to keep our waterways as clean as possible.

    I would personally want to prove to any naysayer who questioned my discharge of my liveaboard vessel that I was in conformance with excellent standards, or certainly those equivalent with the city sewage plant.
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    redreuben redreuben

    I was absolutely staggered to read this. Is this a joke?
    And then I read the last sentence. No explantation required !
  6. Navygate

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    Oh gosh, the poop debate, again.
    Two factors: load levels and ocean flow rate.
    How much poop and how much tidal flow to process it.
    There's a lot more to it but that's the gist of it.
    Endocrine disruptor's are significant...
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    how big would a boat-borne full septic tank need to be?

    something that could equal land based system, and would that even 'do it'?, or does a land based system rely greatly on its location away from wells and other important ground water?
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    I take it folks have raised a big stink in the past?
  9. Navygate

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    How big would it need to be for what?
    A land based system rely's on proper design and ground peculation through bacteria that love the stuff.
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    There is no such thing as a powerless HOA. They have legal standing. Preemptive fascism is the best fascism. It may be the only kind. Your version, of course, would be preferable to mine.:D

    And you can be sued for doing nothing - its called negligence. You actually are responsible to the members, whether you want to be or not.

    You do understand that an HOA is generally created in order to make sure that homeowners can never elect the director. That's why communities are developed as mixed developments, with the homeowners fated never to achieve a majority stake. Nowadays, you need to take courses and have credentials to be a part of an HOA in most places. Otherwise no insurance, and lawyers prefer to work with people who won't step in a pile every time they turn around.

    Unless your plan is to farm humans, I'd stay away from participating in HOAs and their ilk. If you want to avoid being a farmed human, I'd stay away from developments with HOAs. There are no poison pill HOAs. The industry is too big to let that happen. It is simply a means of population control whereby any dispute is paid for by the property owners who aren't on the board, regardless of whether the board behaves in good faith or otherwise, and usually calculated differently than the voting rights are (the board gets to decide how charge owners for its mistakes.)
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    ground peculation is a percoliar topic for a boat forum.:p
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    Rastapop Naval Architect

    Yeah I wasn't entirely sure, until his second post about crapping in the yard with his dogs!
  13. Navygate

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    Accept when you're a-ground.
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    & I thought Westie was being Faecetious....................:eek:


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    These guys make the 'on water' experience look easy.

    While the story is about football, check out the environment and creativity of these guys.

    Every little bit of water is used.

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