Small angles of heel HELP !

Discussion in 'Stability' started by Chris Matthews, Apr 25, 2013.

  1. Chris Matthews
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    Chris Matthews New Member

    Hi, im having problems calculating small angles of heel with little information.

    Mass Disp. 10315 t
    KM = 1.5
    Heeling Moment = 1223 t/m

    I am very confused at what steps are needed to calculate the angle of heel??
    A fundmental calculation that has lost me !

  2. Nasuki
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    Nasuki Naval Architect

    Chris, it seem to be there is a missing given data, actually KG is needed in order to calculate the heeling angle, otherwise the answer is in variable.

    Heeling angle is Tangent of KK'/KM or GG'/GM.

    GG' = Heeling Moment/Displacement
    = 0.118 (unit of length)
    GM = KM-KG (unit of length)

    Let says the KG is Y , so;

    GM = (1.5 - Y) unit of length, and

    Tangent theta = GG'/(1.5-Y).

    = 0.118/(1.5-Y)

    I hope this will help you.
  3. yuyewuyuconan
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    yuyewuyuconan Junior Member

    as Nasuki said. --! your Heeling Moment unit is t*m
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