Slip/Mooring Fee Prices of the world!

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    The boat design open discussion forum might be a good place to compare prices.

    For Example in Toronto, Canada you will be looking at these prices per season,

    $83.00 per lin. ft.
    LOA of vessel or dock, whichever is greater.
    Includes water & hydro up to 30 amp
    Extra 30 amp service or 50 amp total service $11/ft LOA
    Refer to our Marina Map for docking locations

    If you go outside main city subtract $10 per season, if you don't require hydro subtract $10 season. (roughly)

    Maybe take a minute and tell us what your region is like/cost, or a favorite marina in a favorite country.
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    In our local marina $125 per ft., no water, no electricity.
    In fact it is $3750 for a 30 ft. (or smaller) boat and when you go sailing tourists can rent your berth per night for $35.
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    Interesting that that old thread ended up spending so much time on Texas.

    But, as a Texan, here's my "idea" if I ever decided to try old-time houseboat (shanty) living: in Texas there is no registration fee on human powered vehicles no matter the length. It doesn't seem to specify how effective HPV needs to be anywhere so ... build in an exercise bike driving a prop with a steering system. If you can move it even a short distance under human power then it's an HPV. ;)

    ... Then pay for a tow when you want to go farther than a few dozen yards between naps and showers....

    Of course most of the rest of the time it would just be your exercise bike.

    Of course we wouldn't be talking a big houseboat ... though I seem to recall stories about even large houseboats of yesteryear being handled by multiple pole men ... which WOULD make them HPVs as well.... Hmmmmm.....
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