sliding RIG, fixed seat, rowing setup

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by Squidly-Diddly, Mar 9, 2014.

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    Makes sense, big prob with sliding seat and light boat is weight shifting, so it only works good on long narrow boats(but that works out because they go fast and you balance with the oars on recovery).

    How much, if any, do you lose with Sliding Rig VS Sliding Seat? Maybe you GAIN because the friction of SR must be less than SS due to less weight rolling(not that it is much friction, but it is there), not to mention having a much less rocking hull, you get your hull loading dialed in and forget it.

    I'm thinking one of these on a big scanoe would be sweet for cargo, camping, passengers or just rowing. Not TOO much at $700, plus mounting kit, plus oars, considering scanoes can be had for under $400 on Craigslist around here if you keep looking. Always wanted a scanoe but didn't like the human powered option of trying to paddle solo.
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    owned one still do works well. I had mine set up on a 18 ft. racing canoe. Much less hobby horsing. I think they called it an onboard system.
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    Moving rig has always struck me as better than sliding seat but until recently I had never seen any. Weight shifting is the biggest advantage and the second I can see is that sliding rig puts the boat AND the rower mass against the blade thrust -not just the rower bouncing around. The heavier the boat the more important this is though there might be some benefit to more consistent hull speed around the inflection in drag.

    The fact that your feet and rig mass is less is not that important to rolling friction. Off balance pulling would put more stress on the the bearings and I would expect more slide friction from the moving rig in this condition. For this reason the sliding rig must be sturdier and have heavier bearings.

    As for efficiency, I am wondering why you want the square back on your canoe. The transom is just for mounting a motor and a sharp tail has less drag.

  4. upchurchmr
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