Slavishly copying commercial trawler plans for a cruiser

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by makobuilders, Mar 6, 2014.

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    What ever happened to Radiant Star? She was for sale for a long time it seemed. I recall she was from Scotland so would that make her neither a Romsdal or a Malahide?

    300lb Navy anchor? Here's a fish boat in Craig Alaska w a 500lb Navy. Interestingly he moors w it. He lives remotely and the big Navy is a substitute for permanent mooring w a buoy.

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    Neither, she is a fishboat conversion. Originally build by Forbes in Scotland, she was a herring drifter for 40 years based in the Shetland Islands. She's still for sale....

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    Ah yes Tad thanks,that does spark a trim

    Whever I'm out cruising in out of the way-ish areas,every boat I see I make a small note in the logs,as much info on it as I can plus location,travel direction etc. and get a pic if I can.Even kayakers.

    Everyday boats I forget but big or unusual vessels I remember.

    It's a good habit IMO,I've helped the Coastguard out a few times-looking for overdue vessels.
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