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Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by heycaptaingg, Jul 28, 2022.

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    I would like to study different skiffs or Dinghy daggerboard performances and I'm searching for 3D models or at least detailed profiles & dimensions from daggerboards of :
    • RS 400/700/800
    • 49er / 29er
    • VX Evo
    • I14
    • Cherubs
    • First 14
    • ...
    Any suggestions on how I could get this?
  2. rnlock
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    I went and checked a few class rules to see what they said about board shape. So far, I only found some for the 470, which were not terribly specific except for which part of the board should be flat.
    World Sailing - World Sailing Classes specs for centerboard start at page 25, but they seem to leave a lot of room for messing around with the leading and trailing edges, depending on just what they mean by "beveled". A leading edge cross section that's a half an ellipse is probably pretty good. Or maybe parabolic. I would be quite surprised if a fair number of 470 boards have elliptical leading edges as far back as permitted, and straight taper as far forward as permitted for the trailing edge. Presumably, there would be a small radius where the taper starts, and the trailing edge would be squared off at some reasonable thickness. I'll bet a bunch of other class rules require boards that are mostly flat like this.

    Other than that, I haven't seen anything yet, though I'm sure a fair number of daggerboards are NACA 0010 or 0012
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