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    Boat builders and or composites technicians
    Ezifold Yachts LTD is a diverse marine company specialising in the design and build of quality multihull yachts and high performance marine products. We have building facilities in Australia and Croatia, and are now bringing key prototyping and production to Christchurch, New Zealand.
    Ezifold Yachts was originally founded in 1996 and sold in 2014 to the new owners who are passionate about all things multihull.
    We own a number of international multihull brands:
    • Bazooka, the original “boat in a bag”/ “roof rack rocket” trimaran.
    • Vitar, high performance trimarans.
    • Buccaneer, the original home builder trimaran.
    • Privateer, a unique range of trimarans for coastal cruising and racing.
    • Ezifold E3 a range of folding trimarans.
    • Ezifold E2 a range of folding catamarans.
    • Red Wing, container transportable catamarans.
    In the coming year we are bringing two of our unique production designs to the International market and we seek skilled staff to join our team of key professionals.
    Currently we are seeking boat builders and/or composites technicians experienced in one-off boat building, prototyping in epoxy fibreglass, and infused carbon fibre/pre preg construction.
    The suitable applicant will be experienced in all aspects of boat building, epoxy compatible gelcoat systems and post cure processes. They will be able to set up and self-manage systems from start to finish. They will know the importance of build to plan, build to weight, work to a budgeted time frame and have a track record of meeting defined deadlines. HSE will be a part of your daily routine not just a foreign word. If you have a passion for the marine industry and fast sailing in lightweight multihulls this would be a definite advantage.
    Our team are either trade qualified or working towards qualification and it would be expected that you hold a suitable trade qualification or, after a trial period, would enter into an appropiate company training programme.
    You will work as part of a professional team utilising leading edge technology and build systems on a daily basis, and be continually challenged to improve systems, building quality yachts and performance parts.
    Remuneration is commensurate with experience and performance, and includes medical insurance (after qualifying period), use of the company demonstrator yachts (after suitable training/qualification), and use of company vehicles as appropriate.
    To be considered for this position you must be able to demonstrate your suitability for the role. All applications must include the applicant’s latest CV, a covering letter and at least three boat building/composites technician professional referees.
    Applicants for this position should have New Zealand residency or hold a valid New Zealand work visa.
    If you see yourself as a high achiever, a problem solver, posess an outstanding work ethic and would like to work in what will be New Zealand’s leading multihull design and building facility, we invite you to submit your application for the attention of Brooke Johnston, Administration Manager, with reference number BBCT/Per1215 by email or post to
    Ezifold Yachts LTD
    20a Dalefield drive
    Christchurch 8022
    New Zealand
    Phone: +64273281118
    Skype: Ezifoldoffice
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