Sir Francis Chichesters, paperwork signed, plus gypsy moths plans dating 1969

Discussion in 'Boat Design' started by los, Oct 31, 2017.

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    Hi, I have uncovered a bag , in it is a label makers name Ratsey and Lapthorn sailmakers , looking inside the bag it revealed lots and lots of old 1930s upwards of paperwork , receipts , telegrams , odd photos , going through the paperwork I find it once belonged to a Mr Robert Clark , there is an old original photo of a boat he designed Sir Thomas Tipton , then I've found paperwork sent and signed by sir Francis Chichester to Mr Clark , requesting advice about changing of sails and rigging after his trip to the Mediterranean , the ship in question Gypsy Moth , more paperwork , Pleliminary specifications of auxiliary staysail ketch , then there's charts , showing scaled shapes and parts of the gypsy moth boat , all dating late 1960s , there's lots of old scaled drawings of old boats dating 1940s etc , Briggs lifeboat , plus old programmes from sailing clubs , it is all original paperwork , can this lot be of any value or interest ,
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    I think there will be a lot of interest. The value is something you may get better information by asking someone at an auction house. That is a real treasure!
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    Maritime Museum at Buckler's Hard?
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    Thanks for your reply .
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    I think you mean Sir Thomas Lipton, who owned J class yachts. Also try National Maritime Museum especially as they are guardians of Gypsy Moth IV.

    Edit: Wrong again; Gypsy Moth IV is now based in Plymouth and managed by a trust.
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    I still have a letter francis Chichester wrote back to me from 1968
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