single surface drive?

Discussion in 'Surface Drives' started by zingaroo, Nov 6, 2004.

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    In an attempt to reduce weight to the stern of my 28ft sports cruiser and also reduce the maintainance costs, is the use of a single prop surface drive an option in place of the heavy mercruiserTRS11 outdrive unit?
    I am repowering with a GM 6.5 single V8 diesel (thanks Carteret) and would like to explore the drive options, I presume "prop walk" would be a problem?
    also whilst on the subject I have two SS matched contra-rotating cleaver props, I am told they are designed for "semi-surface" piercing use? what is the feeling on this?
    Have a good day all,

    Zingaroo. :)
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    D'ARTOIS Senior Member


    I have some experience with SDS (surface drive systems), be ikt with larger vessels and as soon as I hear the "cost-saving" topic, I start to tremble.
    First of all, a surface drive system, even for a single prop, needs pretty good calculation of the required propellor dimension and speed. A surface piercing propellor is way from the usual one that is much less complicated. You cannot just attach a random SDS prop on your driveshaft. Furthermore, you may still require reduction- and fore-aft gears so the weight of your geartbox still must be added. In the end your total weightsaving might only some kilo's.
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    Fletcher Zingaro

    :) hi strange to find someone doing the same thing as myself I also have a fletcher zingaro currently fitted with a 300hp motor;diesel max rpm 3800 running a conventional shaft system spinning 18+19.5 cupped equpoise getting 32 knots / was very disapointed Thinking of trying SDS as well not sure though ps, let me know how your getting on, need for speed is a disease i think.
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    the fishingboat won

    the fishingboat won ha ha ha ha
    :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :)
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    single surface drive

    I see you are getting the good info. :cool:

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    I have a single gas eng (330 hp) in my 27' center consol with a single fixed surface drive and it works very well. There are some pictures on the "Shaft through the transome" post. I've found that a much larger then expected extremly "Cupped" prop works best, so a gear reduction will be necessary.
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