Single Point Lift Design Spreadsheet

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    Single point lifts seem simple at the first look, but are they? What if the center of gravity of the cargo is not in line with the lifting point? How much tilt is expected in the cargo?

    How will the type of hitch – vertical, choker or basket – affect the sling to be selected?

    How to know if the lifting sling is adequate? How to take care of the dynamic load factor for lifting offshore?

    This spreadsheet can be used to determine the lifting point loads for a single point lift, and further design the sling by determining the MBL of the sling.

    Type of sling can be Wire Rope, Cable Laid or Polyester.

    • It calculates the design load, the Dynamic Amplification Factor (DAF), and sling load
    • It checks the crane lifting capacity, tilt angle, and calculates the lift point load
    • The resulting forces and angles can be used to design/check the pad-eye for lifting
    • It also provides an elaborate sling design sheet based on DNV-ST-N-001 Marine Operations and Marine Warranty
    • Sling Design can be done for Vertical Hitch, Choker Hitch or Basket Hitch
    A youtube video can be found in the link below:

    To know more, please visit:

    Single Point Lift Design Spreadsheet - TheNavalArch
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