Shipyard in Thailand for new build and repair job

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Can any one help me to find new building or repair jobs for my Shipyard

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  1. Offer new business and get commission

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  3. keeping shipyard busy

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    I would like to request you help me as per the context of the e.mail I am seeking some shipbuilding or Repair job for my shipyard in Thailand as I have not much sources so far i was asking professionals like you to help me find a business to use my shipyard Effectively.

    I have a major share in PSP marine Thailand shipyard, and we are seeking opportunity to
    Build small oil tankers , fishing vessel, barges, fuel supply boats which are very economical in East Asia

    reference to the Thai shipyard Please note the above attached information.

    Also the shipyard have a very experiences naval architect and design team to support
    New Building & Repair work too .

    New Building Ships can be classified by one of IACS members. Such as BV,DNV,KR,LR . or any
    specific Classification Society and you can select either of them Since the ship will have class notation,
    we can not use second hand equipment, especially the main engine.
    We are open for the engine maker, but not Chinese Brands such as Wuxi, etc.
    The engine and the gen sets we use may be built in China under the License of Major Engine
    Brands such as CAT, Cummins, etc.

    Also its possible to visit or meet us if and when you feel its required.

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