Shipconstrutor vs Foran (Sener)

Discussion in 'Software' started by Jose Pedro Caro, Sep 3, 2009.

  1. Jose Pedro Caro
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    Jose Pedro Caro Jopecaes

    In our shipyard we are working in a search to make a comparison between Shipconstructor and Foran. We need to buy some of them, but we have not to much experience.
    We know a little of the structural module of both.
    The think is about the other abilities, piping, electrical, acsessories firstly. We need to use the full package to use in a GLP ship.
    Please help us.
  2. duraeps
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    duraeps New Member

    i'm a current user of shipconstructor.
    after i see what they provide here

    i can see that foran offer a complete module for ship building from start to end.
    where as the shipconstructor only cover hull,structure,equipment,hvac and piping.

    it doesnt include electrical , drafting, accomodation and etc.

    Foran is a wiser choice.
    just my two cent.
  3. formsys
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    formsys formsys

    The big difference between Foran and ShipConstructor is that ShipConstructor is based on AutoCAD while Foran is based on the Think3 system (from Italy I think). I think the AutoCAD platform gives a lot of advantages when it comes to ease of training, transferring existing data etc. The actual functions of both systems are pretty similar namely hull modelling, internal structure, equipment layout, piping, HVAC and so on.
  4. maodou
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    maodou Junior Member

    shipconstructor is only product design software,foran include all

  5. Iven_Zhang
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    Iven_Zhang New Member

    I use FORAN now. It is one complete software including all the disciplines. It is based their platform themselves. But the drafting is based on Thinkdesign (Think3 company, Italy).
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