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    We are boat design company and our office is currently looking at expanding are kitting capability.

    We currently use the following software

    Maxsurf (Hydromax.& Workshop)
    AutoCad LT 2000
    Rhino V3
    MS Office

    We have looked at the Shipconstructor software and the following package has been suggest by the local agent

    Shipconstructor modules

    Structure level 2
    Equipment level 1
    Build strategy level 2
    ManNet level 2
    Automatic Nest level 2
    Profile Nest level 2
    Manager report level 2
    NCPyrosPro level 2
    Hull / ShipCAM

    AutoCad 2006

    We design commercial boats from 9m RIBs to 30m steel ferries, but our typical boat would be around 17>21m fast alloy.

    What I’m interested to know is if anyone is currently using this software and what modules they are using.

    It seems to me that some of these modules would not be required to get started and others overlap with our current software, particularly the Maxsurf software

    The other option we have looked at is using Solidworks, how well does this work when trying to pull the model apart for kitting? Are there any other software to automat this?
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    When I need ShipConstructor talent, I hire Elliott Bay Design Group in Seattle, WA, to do the work. They are extremely good, experienced, and reasonably priced, and they produce a fine package of drawings and data. You can contact them at Talk with Ken Lane (Exec. V.P.) or Will Nickum (whom I believe is the President). They will be happy to assist you with their experience.

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