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Discussion in 'Software' started by Hisham, Oct 30, 2012.

  1. Hisham
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    Hisham Marine engineer

    I am using shipconstructor 2012. I am considering approval drawings more than nesting and production, the approval drawings module is very wake as it just puts the planer group you select without any data or dimensions, also any member which intersect the selected group doesn't show up in the drawing,
    For exapmle if i insert frame #20, any lonetudinal member which pass throught or intersect frame #20 doesn't appear in the drawing, that is not true completly, class approval, will not accept any drawings like this,
    Is there any way to come over this problem?
  2. zeroname
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    zeroname Naval Architect

    why dont you contact with shipconstructor company directly? they are good are providing helps.
  3. cRAZY_Canuck
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    cRAZY_Canuck New Member

    I was speaking to our SC support and supplier the other day, supposedly this has part of the program received a fair upgrade for the 2013 release with is supposed to be out soon if it hasn't already.

    Currently it's fairly useless so hopefully they've made it more functional in the new release - here's hoping.
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    Hello i am using SC 2009 and i can not find how to finish flange ends, eg. i want to start flange from upper one side corner 500 mm beyond. :mad:
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