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Discussion in 'Software' started by issac82, Feb 2, 2009.

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    Pavel, I think that the "professional value" was from naval architecture point of view. You can draw shapes in AutoCAD, but you cannot trust them much and then you still need to either use a proper naval CAD program for your hydrostatics, tanks etc, or you have to calculate those by some other method.

    With a "professional" or "proper" software for naval design, you do all that in one software and that speeds up designer's work immensely. And when you compare prices between those and Autocad, the advantage is definitely on the side of naval software. And these programs draw more precise curves than Autocad. That is why many do not like Autocad. It is not very good with curves, it is slow (productivity suffers) and it is very expensive.

    But if one is comfortable with it, then one should not care much if others do not like it. It is a personal choice. It's the result that counts. Just bear in mind that if you want to be a successful naval architect, any shipyard/boatbuilding company will look for productivity (the speed with which they would go from a sketch to a finished product).
    Autocad is however good if you are architect or mechanical engineer. It was designed for them, not for naval designers.
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    hy... thanks masrapido to understand what i was going to say
    .. . but my mate pavel didn't undertand what i wanted to say...

    i said autocad has not that much professional value regarding the Lines only.. i didn't say its totally unimportant. i am also well user of autcad 2008 ..i do all that GA and details design in autocad.. for the initial condtion when u are student of first year.. its taught there to draw lines in autocad manually.. but when u will come to real professional life and work with large or complicated ships.. u will not take autocad to draw lines.. i think so

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    I use AutoCad routinely, if only to get a quick and dirty idea out of my head. I find it useful to tweak waterlines and such. Then I refine the idea, usually on DELFT. It works for me, maybe not so much for someone else. If I need to, I can import the ad lines to DELFT as a reference.

    Work with what you are comfortable with. Getting to the destination or goal matters more than the road you choose to get there.

    As for submarine plans, I do not exactly know. Depends on the submersible type, size and use. Study what you can find, wing the rest. The Navy might have some genreal non classified files as a starting point, or salvage/ocean study groups. There are also drug cartels in Columbia roughing them out in GRP. I do not know if they are really safe, but enough of them get through to keep the builders busy!:D :D :D
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    Does and one even do this by hand anymore? Are the days of batten, compass and scribe truly gone???
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    Hey kb1one,
    I do.
    Personally I don't think anyone should be drawing lines on a computer if they have never done it manually. Perhaps ships with no aesthetic value, but boats and yachts, I don't think so. But I'm also kinda old, and I like wood.
    So you get to the Maine Boatbuilders show??
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    I am a construction guy currently working on a 4100 tdw MPC ship in Bangladesh at Western Marine Shipyard Ltd. Bangladesh has already delivered a 2900 tdw MPC ship named Stella Maris and another one named Stella Moon is launched recently from Ananda Shipyard & Slipways Ltd. (ASSL) . What i have seen in reality is, the owner supplied the shipyard a offset table. With this offset table shipyard construct a model and export all the frames, buttocks, waterlines anywhere they need. They also perform shell expansion for shipyard's available plate size and template for checking this curve plate.

    Now my question is, is there anyone who has real professional experience to do this kind of job? If, would anyone guide me how can i be able to model a ship with offset data to construction precision (1 mm)!

    Because everybody should understand that a ship geometry which has been obtained by model test has a value interms of resistance, propulsion, manoeuverability, seakeeping all factors relating to money and safety!!!

    My experience is

    1) Autocad is master in 2D drafting not for 3D modelling (Autocad started its life as a 2D Program);

    2) Rhino is a in intuitive modeller but i am not sure it can do this type of job or not! If possible, then why Rhinomarine and ORCA 3D?

    3) I have not heard any news till now that Maxsurf can model a ship accurately from offset table within construction precision may be Andrew can give us some data. Andrew is so helpful! Many many thanks for his support.

    I am a learner. What i am trying to learn is how can i get a fair model from offset data with construction precision. Because this is the first thing by which a design comes into reality. I really need help from professional aspect not just for a beautiful rendered image in a gallary!
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    Paramarine version6 you can in put offsets, from a traditional lines plan to get a lines plan. You can also scan in a image from a magazine, into a bitmap, and then produce a lines plan from the image is very powerful stuff. Designed/programmed by naval architects.
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    Are u designing the vessel at preliminary stage or detail design stage? but i think it is in preliminary stage as u wrote that owner supply only the offset table. When produce Lines with this offset table and convert to a 3D model u might see it is not fully fair. Moreover it may be fair depending upon how many stations.buttocks, WL u are using. If it is not a problem changing the values of offset table a little bit then u can use rhinoceros, maxsurf , autoship , delftship etc. Do the Lines in autocad , then import it to rhino or maxsurf and generate the surface .

    Rhinomarine and orca3d is mainly for performing hydrostatics calculations ,weight extimation, power calculations etc . it has also some template design of ships hull so that u can modify them and get a new hull shapre. It is just a plugin for rhinoceros to ease the work with rhino model.

    moreover, all this depends on ur efficiency of using the softwar.

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    dear tuhin vai,
    my sugession is,,, rhino is the best for what you need.

    rhino has many methods of developing surfaces which are not present in other softwares like maxsurf or autoship.
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