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    Hi to all I want share this great resource for Ship design and building on web with a lot of resource and online application.
    Ship Lab – Ship Design and Operation Lab – NTNU in Ålesund

    Quote from the web:
    The research activities within the Ship Design and Operations lab (ShipLab) focus on the design and behaviour of the ship in an offshore maritime operation environment. The ship is modelled in a virtual environment and the idea is to be able to simulate ship performance (motions, systems, propulsion) in real time. Design activities with fast-track tool, data driven design, 3D all over the process, PLM and modularisation are also considered. Activities have strong connection with the industry, via the Blue Maritime Cluster partners
    below the application on this web

    There are many applications that allow you to do everything, from the generation of hulls from offset data to the most varied calculations, with these applications it is possible to do different things in many fields of naval engineering.

    I don't create a list because there are too many resources to list here.

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