Seven Sisters tri, with wave-piercing amas

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by ImaginaryNumber, May 31, 2014.

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    So sorry
    Small consolation, but it looks as though he was able to accomplish some of his dreams before he left.
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    Seven Sisters

    From Scuttlebutt Europe today:

    Nearly three weeks overdue on a passage from El Salvador to Acapulco, the unusual 40-ft 'hybrid wave-piercer' sloop Seven Sisters was recently found by the Coast Guard, upside-down 400 miles southwest of Acapulco. Thomas Kardos, the boat's owner/inventor, aka 'The Kite Man of Berkeley', was nowhere to be found. There were indications that Kardos, described as being "in his mid-50s," may have tried to strap himself to the main hull of his overturned boat.

    Seven Sisters was a very unusual design in that she had a main hull like a monohull, but little if any keel. She also had two wave-piercing amas, thus the 'hybrid' name, but wasn't particularly beamy. She had no boom, and had an electric outboard for auxiliary power.

    Kardos was as unusual as his boat. Flying a hang glider, he stunned the 76,000 spectators - and both teams on the field - during the second quarter of the 1979 Cal-USC football game at Berkeley's Memorial Stadium by landing on the 10-yard line.

    Video of the 1979 stunt:

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