Seminar: Hull Design for Optimum Fuel Efficiency

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    The Gulf Coast Region Maritime Technology Center and Naval Surface Warfare Center Carderock Division are pleased to announce a seminar entitled "Hull Design for Optimum Fuel Efficiency." This seminar will be taught by Mr. Gabor Karafiath, Mr. Donald McCallum, and Dr. Dane Hendrix. They all have extensive experience in hull design and shipbuilding.

    This seminar will present a methodology that enables the hull designer to determine the effectiveness of a proposed design. A computer program used for hull optimization will be demonstrated. This can be an important tool in minimizing lifecycle fuel costs. The scope includes optimization of displacement hulls for both commercial and combatant as well as for single and multi-screw ships. Each attendee will receive a paper on hull form design, a paper on optimization, and viewgraph notes. This course should be attended by professionals responsible for hull design.

    The Seminar will be held Thursday, May 2, 2002 at the UNO/Northrop Grumman Maritime Technology Center of Excellence located at the Avondale Operations site. The course fee is $250 and includes the seminar and lunch.

    To register, call the University of New Orleans, Metropolitan College at
    504-280-7100. Specify course No. 02LL3HULL. Credit cards are accepted.

    A flyer with details can be found on our website at <> .

    If you have any questions, call the GCRMTC at 504-280-3871.

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