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Selling canoes & rowboats I may build??

Discussion in 'Marketplace' started by druidking, Jun 13, 2010.

  1. druidking
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    Location: New Hampshire

    druidking Junior Member

    Hey everyone,

    I was just wondering, if I build canoes and other small boats as a hobby, but also to get some extra income, is there any leagal stuff I need to do?

    Could I build and sell over and over without having to make it a leagal business?

    And also what would it take to start a business wich builds canoes and other small boats?
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  2. rasorinc
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    rasorinc Senior Member

    Canoes and row boats are fine to build and sell. If you add power, call the state and Coast Guard for all the rules that apply. It is a new game with power---avoid it. Buy good plans for canoes and rowboats and pay the re-use fees.
  3. pistnbroke
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    pistnbroke I try

    Design your own with Carene and Freeship then no royalties to pay. sell on e bay to start..Good places to look for design ideas are Hannu's boatyard and www.epoxy-resins.co.uk as well as www.glen-l.com
    Be carefull to cost your materials and TIME or you could be working for $2 an hour .you could offer a pre cut kit /fibre glass to reduce shipping ... kit price xxx ready built zzzz.....
  4. WickedGood

    WickedGood Guest

    Just get out your hammer & Nails and go for it.

    Nothing special required to build Canoes & Rowboats.

    Here is a really cool disign that would make a great Duck Hunting/ Clamming boat and you can get everything ath Homey Depot to build it.

  5. pistnbroke
    Joined: Jan 2009
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    Location: Noosa.Australia where god kissed the earth.

    pistnbroke I try

    Right wickedgood ....If you look at the sites I mention you will see similar ....12ft skiff on Hannu's boatyard is almost identical ..BUT some designs try to cram the parts onto the ply and the boat is too narrow in the beam at the water line.....I always go for a 48inch "bottom" as this makes it more stable than 36 or whatever ....avoid old fashioned construction methods with lots of frames ( like glen.l) as it will take for ever to build......about 12 ft 1/4 ply and make it look good ....
  6. tinhorn
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    tinhorn Senior Member

    Start here: http://www.nh.gov/business/index.html . That's if you want to be all legal and stuff. You'll also want to consider liability insurance, in case someone falls out of a boat you built and drowns. I'm guessing the IRS wants their piece of the action if even a hobby shows a profit.

    I've only done business in Oregon and Washington, but I kept my operations as "hobbies" until I needed to hire some help, or if it was a retail business, or if I knew the business was going to sustain a loss that I could use to offset my other income.

    As soon as you open a regular business, you're dealing with half a dozen government agencies from environmental police to workmen's comp to the IRS. New Hampshirte doesn't have a personal income tax, I see, but it does have a Business Profits Tax and Business Enterprise Tax. ( http://www.nh.gov/business/index.html )

    How close are you to the Massachusetts border? If you ever get as far south as Plymouth maybe you and I could have a cup of coffee. I've operated bootstrap businesses for years, and I could warn you how to avoid having your wife run off with all the customers' deposits, or having the company you've contracted with take all your secrets and go into competition with you using Philippine labor. And I've got this set of molds, see, and can't find suitable shop space even if I WAS stupid enough to open shop in Taxachusetts, and maybe you could spare some space in a corner of the building you intend to use, and I'd be happy to share the wisdom I've gained from having been screwed by government agencies and evil wives over the course of forty years or so, plus if you're working with fiberglass I can show you how to apply 18 mils of gelcoat in three passes using a cheap primer gun and a few old air compressors hooked up in a series because ONE old air compressor can't crank out enough CFM by itself.
  7. WickedGood

    WickedGood Guest

    Hey NH Where are You?

    What type of Boatbuilding methods are you going to be using?

    Are you set up for Fiberglass/Kevlar/ Vacume bagging?

    I would let you borrow my Trimaran to use as a plug to make a mold in exchange for building me a couple of the hulls out of Kevlar/Glass composite.

    I want to attach them together as a Catamaran with a 8ft x 12ft fiberglassed plywood deck and power with a 25 hp outboard to use a wide stable duck hunting platform that I can pop up a fabric blind on the deck.

    It would be a great Promotional for your New business

    Give me a email at WickedGoodOutdoors@Maine.rr.com

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  8. druidking
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    druidking Junior Member

    Tinhorn- I'm not very close to the Mass border. Perhaps once i get a little something going we can talk. If my planing goes right, it shouldn't be too, too long.

    WickedGood- I plan on useing mostly wood, perhaps fiberglass over wood
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