Self righting sailing cat "something else"

Discussion in 'Multihulls' started by DennisRB, May 1, 2007.

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    I don't think the mast would have attributed to the bar capsizes the owner was telling me about. He told quite enthusiastically how it surfs down waves on its side all the way through the bar then flips back up. :p He commented on how keeled boats have the "hammer" effect where the yacht broaches and keel digging into the water while moving sideways cases a roll over which dismasts the yacht. His is also a mono hull on its side :?: so surfs on its side without flipping all the way over and his mast stays intact. :D He said most cats surf then pitch pole, where his has a flat front on the bridgedeck which digs in to slow the boat when the nose digs in and allows the wave to pas under (prior to where other cats would pitchpole)

    His method of going through bars is to ignore the channel and go through the 50cm deap water on its out skirts where the waves can't be very big due to the shallow water. Has got me stumped what he does when he gets further out, and what effect the flat bridgedeck has on the on coming huge waves when he gets to deeper water.

    Definitely an interesting Character! My mate and I were going to ask him if he could take us on some bar crossings for a thrill. We were going to take surfboards so we could surf back in should the unthinkable (or in this case highly probable) would happen. :p
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