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    First time on this forum and potentially a silly question to ask. I'm a carpenter that works on canal boats and I am curious to know if there is a self levelling laser that works while the boats on water. I am assuming that its not really a thing due to slight movements of the boat. Just thought i would ask. Thank you
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    Carpenter's square still works.
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    I have used a laser level for water lines.


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    A self leveling laser on the water, placed near the cog (or anywhere) will be subject to the moments of the mass of the person moving about the craft. The laser would then be 'higher' than level. If you can remove the mass or calculate the lever moment of the builder, you can adjust.

    Onboard, I prefer the digital level. Once you establish a point parallel to the waterline, you can use the level to establish the effect of the builder or people working, etc. And then adjust accordingly.

    So, say you want a line in a room for chair rail. Setup the laser and establish the effect of your movements using tape on the wall, etc. And/or use the digital level to determine errors due to movements or inherent errors, etc.

    There are probably less crude approaches, but this has been my tack. would hope the sole is relatively level in most boats. There is no reason to build off a new line if you can use measurements off the sole.
  5. Barry
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    I was under the impression that once you get the bubble inside the circle, most levels will self adjust. The reason to get the bubble centered is that they only self adjust through a small deviation of level.
    It would depend on your unit

    The type that I am referring to is the tripod mounted system.

  6. Howlandwoodworks
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    You would have the same results with a water level or drunken sailor.
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