Seeking Naval Architects & Structural Engineers (Project Based Contract)

Discussion in 'Services & Employment' started by mksmarine, Dec 7, 2022.

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    We are fresh start up, yacht manufacturing company based in Turkey. We aim to produce finest quality composite motoryachts in range between 28ft to 50ft. As a good classic modest start we plan to manufacture 28ft open centre console t top motorboats. The preliminary design has been already done and we need stability check, weight studies and structural analysis in order to provide lamination lay up plans in other words we need "the scantlings recipe". We plan to use vinyl ester vacuum infusion or epoxy hand lay up lamination if you are interested in working with us as a project based contract engineer please drop us an email to; We can provide you further info and discuss details.
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    bajansailor Marine Surveyor

    Just be aware that this field (re 'small' centre console boats with T-Tops) is a very competitive one, with many other companies building similar boats.

    Are you planning on selling these boats locally in Turkey, or will they mainly be for export? If for export, are you aiming at Europe, or maybe North America, or.....?
    I know that labour rates in Turkey are much less than in Europe or North America, so you should have an advantage there but do you think that you can sell them at a significantly lower price than what established and well known brands like Grady White sell for?
  3. mksmarine
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    Totally understand your thoughts and I agree with the aspects you mentioned. However, if i make an order of our primarily considerations, they would be as follows;

    1- Design
    2- Innovation / Uniqueness
    3- Robustness / Reliability
    4- Good Marketing

    The price tag is in very far end of our equation, yes labour rates are significantly low here but we do import many items from either in euros or dollars. As a visionary company we aware of how important is branding. So products wont be cheaper but we will try to provide best possible design and quality. Our biggest advantage is that we are customer oriented, boutique working company. However, the other big mass production companies most likely cannot afford that much of time or attention on their every single client.
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    Without meaning to offend you, the response reads like a marketing brochure and not like engineering specifications. For example, what is innovative or unique about your design? Robustness and reliability are also vague qualities. It would be more accurate to describe which brand/model the mechanical and electronic systems are. Also boutique designs normally describe custom designs, not production boats. Are these standard hulls with custom decks and accommodations, and a variety of power options?
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    The very first skill of a designer is to understand the client, who usually has vague ideas and does not know technical language well. For this reason, instead of telling the client that he expresses himself poorly, the designer who wants to get a client should guide him with his left hand, explaining things how they should be and, very important, studying the client to understand him, helping him to express himself that, between the two, it is possible to correctly define what he is really looking for.
    That that the client is always right, in this case, is not true, but you have to direct him along the path that will lead him to be right.
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    Ad Hoc Naval Architect

    This starts off ok, but:..

    That is at variance with your opening statement..
    Since if the preliminary design has been done, then the list you quote, is part of the preliminary design.

    I suspect what you are saying is...we have a pretty picture, but not much else!

    This confirms it.
    Since if you haven't got this 'recipe', then you have no diea what the structure weight will be. And if you have no idea what the structure weight will be, how do you know she will float, float up right and float on her marks?
    This, is all part of the preliminary design process.

    ERGO...what do you actually have?
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  7. mksmarine
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    mksmarine Junior Member

    Thank you for your supportive, helpful and thoughtful comments. Unfortunately, we are no longer looking for engineers & naval architects anymore because, we have already found our possible business partners and we are in contact with them. Btw specifically I would like to thank you for teaching us what is a preliminary yacht design :) We appreciate your curiosity and interest but, I m afraid that I cannot share more info about this project at the moment. Since it seems like you have so much spare free time and your valuable comments would be nice to hear after we hit the market we cant wait to hear. Motivating us very well. No offense, critics are important either good or bad it doesn't matter. Being engineer means willing to learn lifetime so keep on learning. Have a Great Holiday Season, Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!
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    Hello, we also produce ships like this. If you are interested, you can communicate with us

  9. CDBarry
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    I have the fully licensed required modeling and stability software and can run ISO 12217-1 stability calculations and develop any modifications needed for RCD compliance on a simple single task, fixed price contract basis.

    One thing to consider in an open cockpit boat of this type is loss of stability with green water in the cockpit. There is a limit on recess size based on lost GM for ISO 12217-1 Category A and B boats, but not Category C or D. However, capsize due to green water aboard from a wake or a wave entering shallow water is not unknown for boats in relatively sheltered water with large cockpits. Scuppers adequate to meet ISO 12217-1 / ISO 11812 at least Category C, "Fully Enclosed Boat" are probably wise even if not required. Big scuppers are probably the least expensive safety measure you can find, if designed in from the start.
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