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    Engineering Manager
    Location: Upper Midwest
    Salary: Open pending experience Level
    Description: This person will oversea the entire engineering department for this boat manufacturer. This company is going through tremendous growth with cutting edge technology that you will not find in most operations. Best way to describe this opportunity is exciting and rewarding.

    Contact Kevin Grondahl
    IntelliStaff, Inc.
    Phone (352) 671-5224
    Fax (352) 671-5239
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    I have been in the composite and fiberglass design and manufacturing since 1985. I have experience with carbon and glass molds; kevlar, carbon and glass prepregs. Worked for an Advanced Light Helicopter Prototype and Pre-series production with German collaboration. Was trained at Eurocopter for the design and manufacturing of advanced composite parts and molds, sandwich panels, assembly, testing, inspection, special tools, etc. Also worked on 650 Kw Wind Turbine Blades, Light Aircraft, Bonded satellite panels, etc.

    Have Project Managerial experience; Supervised over 30 workers and Engineers; Liasied with designers and stress engineers.

    If you are still looking for a capable person to work on your projects, please e-mail me.

    Thank you and have a nice day.


    Raj Muddappa
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