Seeking Allied Greenwich 24 Sailboat Info ~

Discussion in 'Sailboats' started by s/v JESTER, Nov 2, 2016.

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    Hello fellow Sailors -

    I am seeking information on Allied Greenwich 24 sailboats. Can G24 owners
    direct me to any internet sites/owner blogs/reference pages? I would like to
    know specific history on the G24 prior to Cape Dory obtaining the molds for
    their CD25, such as, production numbers, features, options, specs, etc. Are
    there any known contacts for factory employees who may have
    had personal experience building this model? Anyone have original factory
    brochures or leaflets or know of boat shows where the Greenwich 24 was displayed?

    It is my understanding the Greenwich 24 was designed by George H. Stadel, Jr.

    Sometime in 1972, Cape Dory obtained the Greenwich 24 molds from Allied Boat Co.

    I would like to hear from Greenwich 24 owners to learn more about this model, her
    sailing characteristics, pros & cons, modifications, upgrades, etc.

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